We visited you yesterday (29th May) and I wanted to email to say how fabulous your staff members were but in particular Kai who’s patience knew no bounds when it came to helping my youngest daughter Harriet overcome some of her deep routed fear of heights (amongst her very, very many fears). We attempted the mid run with Kai but Harriet just couldn’t do it & Kai kindly told her how brave she was for merely edging out onto the platform, no cajoling could tempt her further & we only just averted a full on panic attack – Kai remained unfazed. 30 minutes later when we’d done another lap of the low level course Harriet decided she wanted to give the middle course a go but only if I could find Kai to help her. Sure enough Kai agreed without hesitation to assist & his words of encouragement coaxed a trembling,  self-doubt filled child round the course and she was whizzing down the middle zip wire (there’s no way I’m doing a zip wire she’d said determinedly when we arrived) before I had time to even realise! Next thing I know he’s talked her into the rock wall alongside making all 5 in our group (yes including me) have a competition to see who was quickest!

He worked miracles that afternoon and even got Harriet up to the big zip wire and her sat on the ledge & even though her confidence disappeared at that point he went out of his way to say how brave she’d been in just sitting on the ledge & that there was no shame in recognising your limits.

She will be back & who knows maybe Kai will work his magic again and this time she will do the giant zip wire?

Thank you for a great day

Just wanted to email in to say a huge thanks to all the team at rope runners today, what a friendly bunch you all are.

Can special thanks please be passed onto Travis and another gentleman whose name I didn’t catch, but I know Travis will know. They were both or heroes without capes for my daughter Phoebe. It was her 1st time today and she even surprised me going onto the 1st level. However, she had a complete wobble. Travis was amazing, staying calm with her, talking and guiding her through. She completed the course with a ‘I’m never coming here again’, yet within 10 minutes she was climbing back up to go on the high wire with them.

I’m a teacher myself and know how rewarding it can be to help kids but am also aware how you don’t always get the thanks and recognition so……A HUGE THANK YOU.

When going to bed tonight she still wore her medal and declared she may well be back!!

Took my grandchildren ages 9,11,14 and they were excited by the experience. Must admit my 9 year old followed my 14 years old on the highest ropes and I had my heart in my mouth as his little legs managed the most difficult aspect of the course. it was challenging but i was please that he met that and overcame any of his fears. he said it was the most scary experience he has at yet met. The other two thought it was a dream and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. many thanks to the staff who were excellent giving the right encouragement to all of the children especially to the small ones. The lowest course would be excellent for very small children to try. At £22 per child and two hours on the course it is worth the money.

We visited this afternoon with our 2 children, aged 11 and 8. It was so well organised, we were directed through to initiation which I thought was excellent. We decided to start on the middle level and I soon wished I’d gone for the lower level first! But it was incredible watching my children’s confidence grow and if they needed any reassurance or assistance, the staff were right there. Such a fun day, finished off with the climbing wall, where my daughter bumped her head, but staff were so efficient dealing with it, I can’t speak highly enough of them. Great facility, made amazing by the staff that run it so safely and smoothly.

Fantastic family fun afternoon – two adults and two teenage kids and we all had a blast here on the high ropes. Multiple options of easy, middle and hard and two routes for each, plus a climbing wall and zip line.

Very safety conscious and the staff running it were excellent, even coaxing the best out of a little one who hesitated on the big Zipline. Space to hang out and relax and get a drink if needed -looks like there is loads of other things to be able to do on this site so well worth a visit and an explore.

Great day out, staff were so friendly and welcoming. Good to be able to chose which difficulty level to try across the 6 courses. Would highly recommend.