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Japan's "Cod Crab" is actually the "King Crab" that we Chinese are most familiar with. The king crab is a deep-sea stone crab that lives only in the extremely cold deep sea with a depth of less than 850 meters. The meat quality of the cod crab is sweet and delicious, the crab meat is plump and firm, and has a flexible taste, but it is a bit worse than the tender Matsuba crab meat, and the taste will be thicker. Cod crabs mainly inhabit the waters with cold water temperature. The main origin of Japanese cod crabs is the Sea of ​​Okhotsk in northern Japan. Therefore, most of the "king crabs" sold in the Japanese market are cod crabs imported from Russia. Only in Hokkaido can you really catch crabs in the cod field. When you travel to Hokkaido, king crab is also the most characteristic representative food. You can see the traces of fresh king crabs in the markets of Hakodate, Sapporo and Otaru in Hokkaido. , and the price is much cheaper than China. "Wakkanai Port", the northernmost fishing port in Hokkaido, is known as the fishing port that can catch the largest number of cod crabs. The color of the shell of the cod crab that has just been caught is dark brown. When it is cooked, the carapace will turn bright red and the inside is white. The red and white color symbolizes good luck and good omens, so it is often the best choice for gifts and thanks. It is one of the classic delicacies that must be eaten during the festive New Year's Day..So,how long to steam.king crab charlotte?

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Hairy crabs are abundant in Hokkaido's "Bihuowan" and "Abashiri Port". The meat is also relatively slender, and the crab tastes fresh and sweet, and it has a plump and delicious crab paste and crab roe with a fragrant taste. Its body is brown and covered with fine hairs. The crab cream of the hairy crab is tasted with a faint chestnut aroma, so the hairy crab has an alias called "big chestnut crab". Its carapace surface is covered with fine down hairs. The weight of hairy crabs is about 400g-600g, and the heaviest hairy crabs are about 700g-900g. Compared with Matsuba crab and cod crab, although the price is cheaper, the taste is not much inferior. It is often a guest ingredient in some Japanese high-end restaurants. Although the body is small, the crab meat is full and firm. The biggest charm is that it is full of rich crab paste. The crab shell can also be used to make a delicious soup. It is highly recommended to use the crab shell to cook the soup after eating the crab meat! Or cook miso soup and kansui (a mixture of rice, egg liquid, crab meat, and water) to thoroughly taste the deliciousness of hairy crabs..So,how to smoke king crab house flushing?

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Hanasaki lb king crab is named Hanasaki because its body is reddish red after being cooked, which is very bright. The Japanese think it looks like a flower in full bloom. However, its appearance before cooking is not flattering. The maroon crab is covered with sharp and hard spines, which is quite scary. The flower laughing crab is not flattering in appearance, but the meat is firm and sweet, with a strong taste, and there are many lovers..So,where does blove purchase her king crab leg sizes?

Hanazaki crab is mainly produced in Nemuro, Hokkaido. It is a summer-limited crab in Hokkaido. The catching period is only from August to October every year. It can only be caught in parts of eastern Hokkaido and is a very rare and precious crab species. Although it belongs to the king crab family in terms of classification, the width and length of the carapace of Hanasaki crab are only about 15cm, and its body size is much smaller than that of king crabs. After cooking, the color of the carapace is bright red like bright flowers blooming..

Although the weight of each crab is only 600 grams to 1 kilogram, the crab leg meat has a sufficient amount, firm meat, and enough fat, and its taste is stronger than that of the cod crab..

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