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King crab, this rampant guy comes from the cold deep sea, far away from pollution, the meat is fresh and sweet, the size is beyond imagination, the crab legs are longer than the palm, thick and strong, only one can experience a crab-flavored meal. , enjoy the delicious taste from the depths of the sea. So today, "Little Nine Kitchen" will bring you the "one crab, three eats" practice of king crab, the king of the ice sea with fresh and sweet teeth..So,how many calories in super king crab belleville?

king crab cajun seafood auburn hills mi

First of all, we have to catch a live king crab, such as this ↓ Are you not in the North Pole? Don't have the conditions to catch king crabs yourself? Don't sell live king crabs in the market? It doesn't matter, watch it patiently and see how Xiaojiu can help you solve this "big problem"! Then, we can officially start cooking delicious food. Today, we will divide the king crab into crab cover, crab body, and crab legs. Let's take a look together~ (See the method of removing crabs: Unstoppable emperor-level temptation! It comes from insisting on not "crab").So,how do you fix king crab cajun seafood auburn hills mi?

king crab knuckles

Steamed egg with crab cover. After the eggs are beaten, put on the live lobster for sale cover, let the crab cover absorb the umami flavor of the shell, steam together for a few minutes, and you can steam out of the oven. Such a big crab cover must be steamed with 5 eggs to completely absorb the fresh and sweet taste in the crab cover without wasting! The steamed egg with king crab and crab cover looks brightly colored and super appetizing. The egg is steamed to just the right temperature, and the egg is very tender. In addition, it also absorbs the umami of the crab cover, which is really more than addictive..So,how long should i bake king crab knuckles?

Baked Crab Body with Cheese Pasta.

After the crab body is cut into pieces, stir well with cornstarch, put it in the oil pan and drain the oil for later use, while the pasta is cooked in boiling water for later use, sauté the minced garlic and green onion with butter until fragrant, add the crab meat and cheese after adding water Cook together, cook until the juice is collected and you can serve on the plate..

The cheese has a fragrant taste. It wraps the meat of the crab body, making it more tender and sweet, and the meat is reliable enough. When you bite it into your mouth, there will be a cheese juice and its own gravy squirting out. The pasta is cooked well too, mixed with cheese and crab sauce, it is definitely delicious and filling..

Steamed Crab Feet with Crab Paste and Vermicelli.

Open the crab legs, then add minced garlic and vermicelli to steam for five minutes..

The crab legs have been carefully cut, so it is very convenient to eat. In addition, the crab meat is very fragrant with the taste of minced garlic. The meat in the legs is very strong, and it can still be eaten with garlic juice. It has a very strong fresh and sweet taste, and the most wonderful thing is the fans, which absorb the sweetness of crab juice and the fragrance of minced garlic, which is really positive..

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