The minimum age for the ropes course, paintball target shooting, tunneling and water zorbing is 6. The minimum age for Archery, Air Rifles and the Assault Course is 8. The minimum age for Arrow Assault is 10.

Our adventure park is like Go Ape in many ways – we have 6 journey courses, but they are on a pole based course, rather than being built on trees and we used the latest Type E (highest category) safety system, so there is no chance of becoming unclipped. The poles have three courses on each side, bottom, middle and top, and the courses thread their way through the trees so you feel like you are having a tree top adventure.
Our courses are probably slightly more spectator friendly, as there are paths around every bit of the course, so if you have a relative who wants to watch, there is plenty for them to see and share in your adventure.
The low courses are every bit as tough as the higher ones but are designed to give people practice and confidence. The middle ones are around 5.5-6.0m above ground and the top ones 7.5-8.0m – maybe not high altitude, but definitely high adrenaline!

Depending on the age and ability of your child/children, you do not have to go round the course with them. Children under 1.20m must have be accompanied by a paying,participating adult when taking part in a ropes course session. This is so that you can help them with the safety system, to avoid them becoming over tired and frustrated. Of course, many parents do join in and go round the course with their children, turning it into a family activity.

A responsible adult (over 18) has to remain on The Bunker site at all times while children under 16 take part in Rope Runners activities. Youths aged 16 or over, who arrive unaccompanied are treated as adults. Youths aged 16-17 cannot be responsible for other children or youths aged under 16. While waiting for your children, why not take in the hour long Bunker tour and then visit the Canteen for a drink or a snack.

A degree of personal fitness is required to complete our courses and we would ask you to be honest with yourself about your level of fitness. You can take a breather after each course and of course you can choose to do just some of our 6 courses each time you come.

Our staff are practiced in rescue techniques and we can get you down safely if necessary. Our staff are also very good at talking to clients and encouraging nervous clients around – you may surprise yourself and conquer your fears enough to complete at least some of our courses!

Your safety equipment will prevent you from falling far, so if you do slip off an element, you will be quite safe while you climb back on and continue on your journey. If you can’t manage to climb up without help then one of our Crew will be happy to come and give you a hand.

We have a Chalet with a vending machine that sells hot and cold drinks and cold snacks (chocolate and crisps). The Bunker Canteen sells a wider range of drinks and snacks.

You are welcome to come and watch other family members participate free of charge. Please bear in mind we are based in a woodland setting – there is a sloping path from the car park to our site and all our paths are woodchip. Some activities such as tunnelling are further away from our main site and are not accessible by wheelchair. Larger, big wheeled pushchairs seem to manage without too many problems. Once you have reached our site there is a decking area and an indoor chalet with double doors for access.

Yes, our team are here in all weathers except for thunder and lightening. There is no such thing as bad weather – only inappropriate clothing so check the forecast and dress appropriately. Generally our activities go ahead whatever the weather, although we do reserve the right to cancel activities or offer alternative activities without notice. Water Zorbing and tunnelling are the activities most likely to be cancelled due to bad weather. The ropes course is in a sheltered bowl and is generally unaffected by most weather conditions.

Our fan descender is closed in high winds. If you elect not to go ahead with your party you will loose your non refundable deposit. We may (at our discretion) reschedule your party for another date and time providing you give us at least 48 hours notice. In the event of snow we do cancel activities in the interests of road safety – we are in a rural area and roads can be treacherous – it’s not worth having an accident to get to us and we also have to think about the safety of our staff.

We have a policy of being all inclusive – we will do everything we can to help disabled clients participate. It does depend on the nature of your disability and the activity that you are hoping to participate in. Some activities are easier to adapt than others. We do not regard diagnoses on the autistic spectrum as a disability – it’s just part of what makes you unique. We understand that we may need to adapt our teaching to ensure that you are able to learn the skills to participate safely and our Crew members are very experienced in this.

Generally mild to moderate learning disabilities present no problem and we can accommodate this. Physical disability can pose more of a problem but to date we have successfully catered for clients with visual impairment, mild to moderate cerebral palsy, lower leg amputation and an arm amputation.